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NAISSCO (North America Integrated Systems Solution Corporation) experience is your secret advantage. We’re super aware of what’s necessary to present a strong online presence. We’ve been doing this for more than a decade, and the number one reason our clients come back time and time again is that we know that your strategic goals are our strategic goals.
At Rehab Dental Center, you’ve told us that you need to refine your online experience, and to improve engagement. We will deliver on these goals, and have applied our years of practical experience, and broken these down into deliverables, each marking a stage of completion where you can feedback. We’ve also analysed your requests and come up with some concrete markers which we can use to ensure we over deliver!
• Design and develop a website for Rehab Dental Center
o Launch a 10 pages website with feedback/ inquiry form
• Establish website infrastructure: Web hosting, emails, and SSL (https).
o Web-hosting subscription and setup


Posted on

January 13, 2020


  1. naisscom

    We will need client to review initial site design and to provide:

  2. naisscom

    Client can provide feedback for content using document here

  3. Naissco Sales

    client called me and reported that his project manager can’t add or reply to comments on the project discussion

  4. naisscom

    Will look into access issue


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