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Configurable Network Computing (CNC) Support

NAISSCO can help you define and manage your CNC Support required to maintain a healthy JDEdwards system. 

Our CNC Support service can range from monitoring to full management of your day to day CNC operations.

Defining Your CNC Operations and Structure

What are your current and future system health measures? Are you looking to make sure system is available to your users 24/7? Do you have daily, weekly, or monthly needs for package builds or other scheduled operations? Do you need to hit a certain guaranteed availability rate? We can help..


Is Your System Health Sustainable? Is response time acceptable to your users?

Package Builds and Promotions

Technical upgrades

Patching and Updates

Services packs

JDEdwards ESUs

JDEdwards tools



Technical Setup and Issues

Technical Helpdesk Tickets

Printer and peripheral configuration

Database Administration



Security Administration

User Role

Security Assessment

Security Modeling

Security Audit and Compliance




Performance Monitoring and Tuning

System Monitoring Tools

Performance Tuning recommendations

H/W upgrades recommendations



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