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NAISSCO can help you define and manage your ERP plans and objectives. We can analyze your current business growth plans, pain points, and system gaps. 

We will then prepare a report of recommended improvements or changes to address analysis process findings. Use NAISSCO as a fresh set of eyes to make the best use of your existing or planned ERP.

Defining Your ERP Improvement Opportunities

What are your current and future business objectives? Are you structuring your business operations around JDEdwards ERP functions and best practices or are you leaning more towards best of breed approach? Let us help you plan the system model that best fits your business model and plans.

Business presentation

Is Your System Able to Meet Business Demands? Now you need to establish it among your target Users

Do You have the Right Team?

Do you rely completely on internal team resources? What happens when there is a sudden jump in business demands? Do you have alternatives to control both your budget and your ever growing business demands? We can help..


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Do you have an up to date system structure diagrams? Do you have your current business processes documented? Having your As-IS models can save you a lot of pain when planning new projects. We can help..

System Monitoring

Do you know how your system is performing? Do you get alerts about potential system issues in time or do you learn about it when it is too late? Is the system monitored when your business is operating outside normal office hours? We can help..

System Tools

In addition to having the right team, you need to make sure you have the right tools. Are you up to date in utilizing the new technologies being added to JDEdwards? is you team up to date in BIP, Orchestrator, AI tools, etc.? We can help..


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Are you at code current? Is upgrading to the latest JDEdwards version going help your business or should you wait for the next one? What is the balancing point between expected benefits and estimated cost and effort required? We can help..

Future Outlook

Is you system on premise? Should you move it to the cloud? Are you planning to introduce more automation tools? AI tools? Can you match your future business growth plans with your planned technology projects? We can help..

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