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NAISSCO is an end to end solution provider for businesses looking for JDEdwards skilled consultant ready to hit the ground going to help you achieve your planned ERP projects. 

Want to Drive Your Business Faster into Achieving Targets?

Have a great business, but looking to drive your teams to collaborate on projects that require integrated systems? JDEdwards is designed to achieve that. However you also need experienced JDEdwards consultant to accomplish that goal in time, with high quality, and to maintain an edge against your competition


ERP Projects Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

End to End Outsourcing

With this option your company can focus on core business operations and leave IT management to us. It is what we do, so we will do it more efficiently, meeting or exceeding expecting quality, and relieving you from the burden of managing IT resources.

Flexible Team Option

 Expecting a surge in business demands for a temporary period, during certain times of the year, or due to a specific temporary situation or event? We will back you up. Hire the consultants or Helpdesk agents you need for on temporary basis. A team member of your JDEdwards consultant is going on time off? Get a substitute JDEdwards consultant until your team member is back. Give us a call to learn more about this program


Vertical Specialization Outsourcing

You can opt to outsource only vertical divisions within your IT organization: CNC only, JDEdwards Functional BAs only, Helpdesk Support only, etc. This can help you overcome shortages in local market for certain specialties to to remove the burden or complexity of managing certain technical areas.

Project Based Outsourcing

Are you planning for a project to implement, integrate, improve, or upgrade JDEdwards? You can hire a consultant or a team of consultants to get the project done in time and with quality assurance embedded into the process. Pay for the needed resources only for the duration of the project.

Extended Team Option

You can strike a balance between internal team members and outsourced team members. Why? Internal team is composed of long term members. Outsourced team is dynamic and made available only when needed leading to better budget control. Internal team knows well your business operations while outsourced team come in with more experience about how other companies manage their business.


Hiring for You

Do you need help screening, interviewing and recommending candidates for a JDEdwards role for your team. We can help you with that.

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