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Brand Design and Strategy

NAISSCO can help you define and manage your branding strategy. This is an ongoing process that evolves and grows wit your business.

You need to make sure you are communicating the right message to the right audience at the right time and the effective consistency across all communications channels.

Defining Your Brand

What is you mission and vision that you need to communicate through your brand? Whether you are branding yourself to promote your work, skills, or talents or a business that is establishing its position in a competitive market, your brand will define you to your target audience one way or another.

Is Your Brand Defined? Now you need to establish it among your target customers

Do You have the Right Logo?

Your customers can love or hate your brand by just reading or looking at your logo. Always leave a good impression by having a logo that can communicate the message of your brand.

 NAISSCO can help you create the right logo for your brand.


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Brand Injection

Your brand must be deeply inegrated in all types of communications channel that you utilise. Your brand awareness plan will help create your online identity and brand awarness.

Brand Monitoring

Do you know how your brand is performing? What is clients’ impression about your brand? What is the current level of brand awareness? NAISSCO can help you address any gaps between your brand plans and current performance.

Branding Tools

In addition to the logo, any business communications should be using your brand theme and colors. Creating consistent brand oriented stationary, web site theme and color, brand motto and taglines. All you marketing, sales, and communication channels need to reflect consistent brand identity. NAISSCO will create a branding kit for you.

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Brand Differentiation

Market analysis and brand differntiation is essential for your brand success. Focus your brand by targeting the right niche and customer segments.

Protect your Brand

When you are starting this may not be a big issue, but over time your brand can become a major asset and will require protection. NAISSCO can help you create and coordinate brand protection plan and make sure your brand is not exposed to any risks.

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